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Work Bee in Saulaine! 4th May Talka Saulainē! 4.Maijā

When: Saturday, May 4th at 9:00 am, Saulaine, 

What do I bring?: Please bring your chainsaw. Tarps, rakes and gloves will be provided. 

What will I do?: A job for everyone! Meal prep kitchen work, yard clean-up, chain sawing, brush and tree clean up, weeding, pruning and burning, putting up trampoline, moving out picnic tables and outdoor furniture, setting up church benches, sweeping barn and Punitis and more! 

What do I get?: 

FREE hot coffee, fresh butter croissants, cold cuts, cheeses, pastries and juices on arrival, donated by Saulaine supporters. FREE hot lunch by chef TOM LUSIS and helpers served at 2:00 pm. Dessert by NATALIJA TANNIS and ELVIGA SEBRIS. FREE volunteer raffle after lunch of high- quality mystery prizes donated by Saulaine supporters. High school students will get confirmation of volunteer hours.... and feelings of camaraderie and good-will for keeping SAULAINE beautiful! During lunch, VIESTURS ZARINS will give us a brief overview of the worldwide significance of White Tablecloth Day (Baltaa galdauta diena) and other surprises!! 

Some of the prizes for the raffle have been donated by longstanding Saulaine supporter Peter Ruder, a vendor at each of the six Saulaine Springfests from 2002-2008 who fell in love with Saulaine and wishes to support its activities-BUT please be sure that each attendee brings a WRAPPED generic prize for the FREE volunteer raffle, so that each volunteer can get a prize! (the kids, especially, look foward to this exciting tradition !) Let us not disappoint anyone! 

For more info, contact superintendents leva Lagzdins or Marcin Binkowski at Saulaine-- 705 424-1118, or 

Jo, Saulaine mums (tikai) labi klajas! Because Saulaine is--THE fun place


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