Confirmation Classes

We affirm the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, continually calling and renewing us since the day of our baptism, providing the seed for our continual spiritual growth and maturation in faith. In baptism parents and sponsors promise the nurturing of Christian faith in children, in the church and at home. Parents have primary responsibility to raise their children in the faith. The church is to help each baptized Christian grow in knowledge, insight, and faithfulness as a servant of Christ. Baptized Christians need to be led into lives of faith, hope, and love, grounded in the pattern of death and resurrection.


Faith is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Faith is received and communicated in many ways. We need to grow and mature in this faith throughout all our life. The Holy Spirit works through our experiences in life, our relationships with each other, and by our reflection upon situations to urge and encourage us towards a mature faith. The use of the catechetical question "What does this mean?" offers a way—through textual material and classroom structures among other means—of understanding our lives in the context of our baptism into Christ.


Reflecting upon various life experiences can result in new growth in faith. That is what is celebrated by using "Affirmation of Baptism." There is no "proper age" at which persons should begin confirmation ministry. Again, confirmation ministry is a birth to death process in a baptismal context. Confirmation is not a one-time classroom programme then, but rather an ongoing ministry the church offers for the sake of the pastoral care and spiritual growth of its members.
Confirmation has traditionally been planned for young people between the ages of sixteen and eighteen. Increasingly, young adults beyond age eighteen and adults desire to be confirmed. The traditional time for confirmation ministry needs to be expanded to include persons of all ages. (revised text from: The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada The Report of the Confirmation Task Force at

Confirmation programme at St. John’s

The confirmation class at St. John’s is a two-year programme. The classes begin in September and Confirmation is generally in late May or early June of the second year. Classes are taught in English, except when all members of the class are fluent in Latvian. During the programme, there are various retreats and activities together with confirmation classes from other Latvian Lutheran churches.


The Confirmation programme at St. John’s includes:

  • Bible study
  • Church history and the history of the Lutheran tradition
  • Understanding worship and liturgy
  • Developing a personal spiritual life
  • Following Jesus Christ in service to the world

For further information about the Confirmation programme, please contact the Minister of the Congregation, or the church office 416-921-3327 to make an appointment.

For further information about Confirmation in the Lutheran tradition, please see the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada The Report of the Confirmation Task Force at