St. John’s Church Vocal Ensemble


St. John's Church Vocal Ensemble - June 2016

Singers: Skaidrīte Leja, Gunta Reynolds, Director of Music Brigita Alks, Mārā Ķeniņš, Erika Yost, Krista Amoliņš, Sibilla Korulis, Maija Asaris, Birgit Duarte-Schreyer,Vija Murata, Ruta Rozentāls, Laila Vilks, Ruta Lauzis, Egīls Bambers, Juris Ķeniņš, Andris Rubenis, Fritz Kristbergs, Vaira Gertners, Imants Jumis.

Music at St. John’s

It's hard to believe that the Vocal Ensemble of our congregation is entering its 38th season making music to the glory of God and the enjoyment of our members.

These have been very rewarding years for the group. We have performed in various cities and countries over the years, both a Capella, or with string ensembles, or with the Rev. Dr. Anita Gaide accompanying us on the organ/piano. The vocal ensemble is a very important part of the spiritual life of our congregation. Thanks to our exceptional Director of Music Brigita Alks, we perform a broad range of repertoire in several different languages and styles. We are most grateful to Brigita for making those long journeys from Buffalo every week to teach us and make our lives that much richer.

The vocal ensemble rehearses every Tuesday from 7 pm to 9 pm from September to June and also meets several times over the summer months for rehearsals. We sing in church services on average once a month, in addition to all special worship services, e.g. Christmas, Easter, etc.

We welcome, at any time, all who wish to sing! If you are interested in joining us in song, please contact the ensemble administrator Gunta Reynolds at (416) 602-7176 or