Camp Saulaine Summer CampSaulaine

Camp Saulaine’s mission is to “provide each camper with the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the Latvian culture within a Christian atmosphere.” The program aims to enrich each camper’s relationship with nature and encourage their physical and spiritual growth. Whether your camper comes for one week, two, or three, they will flourish in our beautiful 252 acres of woods and fields with camp facilities and ammenities.

Parents and kids under 6 years of age can participate in Putnu Sala. Children under 5 years of age can participate in day camp or children 6+ can sleep over. The program is broad with nature hikes and nature study, games, swimming, creative art, singing, obstacle courses and lots of fun!.

Camping, fishing, archery, hiking, swimming, mountain-biking, yoga, inner-tubing, sports and games! Singing, dancing, weaving, ceramics, drawing, drama, and traditional Latvian handicrafts. The art program is different each year. You might learn how to create you own silk-screening design for a t-shirt, make a pin-hole camera, make some pottery, carve wood-blocks for prints or learn to weave with a loom.

We offer a variety of hands-on, skill-building, fun activities that help youth learn about the natural world, other people, and themselves. Every day is a new adventure as we explore Saulaine’s surroundings together. Want to get back to nature, learn new skills and make great friends? Campers will enjoy nature hikes, yoga, mountain biking and swimming as well as traditional Latvian activities, ceramics, singing, weaving, and pirag making - yum!

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