Saulaine 70th Anniversary Celebration Part I

St. Johns Ev. Luth. Latvian Church Toronto, rural property  CAMP SAULAINE is celebrating its 70th anniversary! The first phase is Saturday, July 23rd at 10:00 am- come join the festivities, including church service, films and photo display, lunch and the Silent Auction.  
Here is just a small sample of all the items which have been donated by Saulaine lovers and will be offered at the Silent Auction. This is just for your perusal-- ONLY in-person bidding on July 23rd, NO online bidding will be available, NO advance reservation. Payment will be by cash or electronic transfer from a Canadian bank only. For questions contact Kristine Stivrins 705 424-6226 ( voice mail), ALL proceeds support Camp Saulaine!



1.) BARTA silver coloured tin broach 

2.) Handbraided unisex 14kt gold Namejs ring, 7 gr.  (Kutcers/Liepins) size 10 3/4 

3.) Handbraided female 14 kt gold Namejs ring 6.2 gr. oval shape  (Kutcers/Liepins) size 7-7 1/2

4.) Fiancee“s 14 kt gold "Ligavas" ring, 6.9 gr with 7 dangles, each with its own lucky Latvian symbol (Gugans/Kutcers), size 7 1/2, slightly adjustable by 1/4 size 

5.) Italian rope chain, 18", 14 kt gold, 17.6 gr, 

6.) Rectangular amber/ Namejs braid sterling silver pendant (chain missing) 34.6 gr 

7.) Latvia monetary 5 Lats broach, 1931 (800 fine), 15.8 gr 

8.) Amber broach, sterling silver setting ) (Kutcers/Liepins), 17.8 gr 

9.) Namejs cufflinks, handmade by Kalupe (senior), sterling silver, 8.2 gr 

10.)  Amber and sterling silver pierced Pilskalns design  earrings 6.8 gr 

11.) Amber and 830 S. broach, 17 gr. 

12.) Sterling silver and red stones ( possibly garnet) with three dangles, handmade in Eslingen, Germany, 12 gr,

13.) Amber and sterling silver broach, Kalupe ( senior), 14.1 gr 


Painter JANIS ZUNTAKS landscape 21.5 " x 17.5"



Painter JANIS ZUNTAKS: four original framed watercolours, all frames 11"x 9" plus MARIS BRANCIS recently published biography of the artist.



Abstract impressionist painter VISVALDIS REINHOLDS, 25"x 25", mixed medium

(pebbles, metal, sand, acrylic) with barn board frame ( from Reinholds own barn!)



Abstract impressionist VISVALDIS REINHOLDS mixed medium,

(metal, sand, acrylic), 28"x 23"


Abstract impressionist VISVALDIS REINHOLDS ( acrylic, barn board frame) 29"x 29"



Painter EVALDS DAJEVSKIS, painting called ""Sauliite", acrylic, 

25 1/2 "x 21", artists signature on the back


Made In Latvia label, womens 100% wool sweater, ornate metal clasps, size Medium, perfect shape, runs small

Brand new, handmade, traditional leather footwear "pastalas", mens size 10
Ethnographer Mara Grins, wall decoration called "Pirtina" (sauna) . signed by the artist, mixed medium, 13"x 10"


Artist MAIGA LIPOMANIS, two original watercolour paintings, 21"x 16"



Painter ATIS ANSMITS, spring landscape, acrylic, 31"x 25"



"Your next trip-- the Baltic Riviera-- LATVIA"" Original, framed Latvia travel poster from the 1930s, issued by the LCTB ( upper right corner)  Latvijas Centralais Turisma Birojs, printed by ( bottom right corner) Valstspapiru Spiestuve Riga, artist W. Linde, 25"x 40"



Master woodcarver HUGO MERCS, handcrafted candle holder with a metal dangle on each end, signature of the artist engraved in the bottom with the year 1960



Large, handwoven wall hanging, wool and linen, 45"x 79"


More to come- keep checking back!

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1.) Toronto jeweler INDULIS PREISS: Pierced earrings "Saule" sterling silver with purple glass 7.2 gr
2.) Coral (presumed)) necklace, double strand, 26 inches
3.) 14 kt gold and onyx pierced earrings (originally purchased at Costco)
4.) 14 kt Italian gold chain, 20 inches, lobster clasp, 3.4 gr
5.) Sterling silver and amber bracelet with box clasp and security chain, 24.4 gr
6.) Bracelet with ball charms, sterling silver, stamped 925
7.) Two cameos, possibly Italian fine silver, stamped 800
8.) "Saules" ring with amber centre, collectors item, exquisite craftsmanship, likely sterling silver, size 8 1/4, 7.7 gr
9.) "Saules " ring, with amber centre, presumed sterling silver, 5.7 gr
10.) Amber pendant on woven sash, presumed sterling silver
11.) 14 kt gold cultured pearl ring (OLGERTS KUTCERS) size 7 1/2
12.)  Sterling silver pendant with amber centre on sterling silver chain, handmade in Denmark, stamped  JYOE KUNST,  serial number 353
13.) Ornate sterling silver broach, Scandinavian, stamped 830 S, 17 gr.
14.) Toronto jeweler INDULIS PREISS, sterling silver broach with amber centre, 16.8 gr.
15.) Sterling silver bracelet, Zemgales braid, 16.8 gr
16.) Amber and sterling silver broach (OLGERTS KUTCERS), 3 silver dangles 11.9 gr
Brand new sash from LIELVARDE, province of Vidzeme, municipality of Ogre, on the right bank of the Daugava River, 52 km southeast of Riga  plus book "Latvju novadu terpi".  In addition to the elaborately woven sash (wool and linen,10 ft long), book "Latvju novadu terpi"", gives intricate, ethnographically correct details and photos of the folk costumes (male and female) of this area in Latvia, how to correctly sew and embellish.  All material is compiled from the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum in Latvia, outside of Riga, founded in 1924. Both items are offered only together.
World renowned Toronto potter and instructor VELGA JANSONS and her son, potter PETERIS JANSONS. (Peteris has created a successful practice in the Maritimes.) Shallow brown bowl, cup and saucer set (never used) and vase are VELGAS. Shallow blue bowl is PETERIS. All pieces signed.
Brand new BARTA region, unmarried female head dress plus book "Latvju novadu terpi". Barta is near Liepaja on the west coast of the province of Vidzeme. In addition to the head dress, book "Latvju novadu terpi"", gives intricate, ethnographically correct details and photos of the folk costumes (male and female) of this area in Latvia, how to correctly sew and embellish.  All material is compiled from the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum in Latvia, outside of Riga, founded in 1924. Both items are offered only together.
Large, green ceramic vase, Latvian motif, 19" x 4" base, artist unknown, perfect shape.
Renowned, Toronto-based potter and sculptor ZIGFRIDS JURSEVSKIS, two signed vases and elaborate, commemorative photo booklet outlining Jursevskis life and accomplishments
Well-known Parry Sound, Ontario artist and caricaturist  ELMARS DAMBERGS. framed and signed painting "Musician" 21"x 26"", framed and signed "Barn" 21"x 17", and autobiography titled "Ar smaidu pa trimdas taku" ( "Smiling On Exiles Path in the Eyes of Dadzis "" ) with reproductions of artwork and caricatures. Dambergs contributed weekly for decades,  to the Parry Sound ""Gazette"" and other area papers, as well as the newspaper "Latvija Amerika"" by the name "Dadzis"" (he called himself a burr due to his outspoken manner via his caricatures). 
Reproduction of 1938 Latvia travel poster "Apcelo savu dzimto zemi" , ("Explore Your Native Land"), framed, 49"x 30""
Traditional Latvian percussion instrument "triiideksnis" on stand, as new
Set of Toronto- based artist, artisan, writer, painter, weaver, ethnographer EMMA DZEGUZE handmade sugar bowl and two vases, signed by the artist. Offered together.
Well-known Boston, Massachusetts- based artist ULDIS PURINS, brand new, framed  MAZPUTNINA  KRASOJAMA  ABECE (long- running childrens' magazine ""Mazputnins""  Latvian alphabet with whimsical illustrations of each word A to Z ), 1974, 19"x 29"
Brand new flag of  LATVIA, nylon, 40" x  83"
Assorted wildlife collection of ceramic whistles, handmade in Latvia, offered only together
Exclusive framed map of TOBAGO, 32"x 22" with prof. Edgars Andersons renowned book : "The Ancient Couronians in America and the Colonization of Tobago"" (text in Latvian and English), offered together
 Toronto potter VELGA JANSONS majestic vase, 7" base x 22" height, signed by Velga, 1976
Spool design quilt, label states "Quiltmaker Millie J,, August 1988, Creemore, Ontario, perfect shape
Ornate heavy crystal vase,7"base x 12"height,  as new
Handcrafted ceramic wall hanging with loop,12 " diameter,  artist unknown, perfect shape
Hand-knitted donations from fibre artist  ELIZABETH-ANNE KUKURS who has designed and created these items, specifically in honour of Saulaines 70th anniversary to be offered at the Silent Auction on July 23rd at Saulaine.
The childrens' and adult socks, vests, sweaters and fingerless mitts are ONE OF A KIND, handmade from wool, cotton or acrylic/cotton yarns, all washable!
Elizabeth-Annes' business name is "MacBheathain", gaelic for her maiden name: Bean.  She and her family have owned a cottage on Saules Kalns, next to Saulaine, for over 40 years.
Ancient Latvian castle artwork by well-known Toronto painter ITA OZOLS, 21"x 29". signed by the artist, dated 1983
Majestic floor vase by well-known Boston, Massachusetts potter, weaver, teacher  LILIJA  KLUCIS, 7 " base x  21" height
Toronto potter, sculptor  ZIGFRIDS JURSEVSKIS vase, 5" base x 14" height
Well-known Toronto painter EDGARS KRUMINS original painting and ornate book of the artist“s history and accomplishments with  colour reproductions of many of his paintings;, painting 12 "x 15 ", offered only together. This artist also exhibited at Saulaine in 2009 at the annual art show in the Saulaine Barn.
Well-known Toronto painter ERIKS DZENIS, known for his fluid ballet dancer themes, watercolour painting, signed, 17"x 22"
Porcelain, whimsical  folk dancing figurines from the 1930s  in Latvia, imprinted  306, also A/SMSK 16/12, perfect shape, offered only together
Join the magnificence and help us celebrate!
1.)  Bracelet: Daugmales/Mezotnes braid, 835 silver, heavy, appropriate for male or female
2.) Pendant: Daugmales/Mezotnes braid, 835 silver
3.) Ring: Daugmales/Mezotnes braid, silver (broken in two spots but can be easily repaired), sterling silver, size 8
4.) Broach and pendant: Pilskalns, sterling silver, Gugans, 15.7 gr.
5.) Broach: sterling silver horseshoe with 3 dangles, Kalupe, 13 gr.
6.) Cross pendant: 6 amber cabochons, border likely silver
7.) Ring: Mucins motif, amber gem, likely handmade, size 8
8..) Pendant: Pilskalns motif, amber gem, Gugans, 5.2 gr
9.) Ring: female Namejs, Kalupe, 10 kt gold, size 8 1/4, can be rounded to a larger size, 5.7 gr.
10.) Ring: male Namejs, Kalupe, sterling silver, hand made , size 9 3/4, 8 gr.
11.) Broach: sterling silver with amber gem, Gugans, 5.3 gr
12.) Pendant: Three lats (Latvia coins) pieces of different sizes, probably molded from coin silver, 21 gr.
13.) Pendant: Milda 5 lats, 1932 coin, perfect shape, filigree enclosure
14.) Coin:  Milda 5 lats, 1931, as new
15.) Broach: Milda 5 lats broach, sawed out and domed,1931, 15.5 gr.
16.) Fiancee's "Ligavas"  sterling silver ring with 7 traditional dangles, Kalupe. size 7 1/2  3.8 gr.
17.) Broach and pendant: sterling silver with blue glass centre, Gugans, 7 gr.
18.) Amber necklace, irregular gems
A meticulously handcrafted traditional male folk costume from the area of NICA will be offered in the Silent Auction. Nica is located on the western coast of Latvia on the Baltic Sea, 10 miles south of Liepaja and 123 miles west of Riga, the capital of Latvia. The flag and the coat of arms of Nica is a reproduction of the elaborate crown-shaped head-dress worn by single women. You may see a photo of this crown on the church“s and Saulaines websites since it is one of the items which will be offered in the Silent Auction on July 23rd.
This folk costume, modelled by the superintendent of Saulaine, RICHARDS URDZINS, will be offered in its entirety: lined jacket, pants, linen shirt and two 875 sterling silver brooches ( larger 2.9 gr, smaller 1.3 gr) including book "Latvju novadu terpi" of NICA, outlining sewing, ethnographically correct embellishments, materials, colours and historical details for male and female costumes. Significant for this costume are the pleats, also called "wings" on both sides of the jacket or vest for both men and women. Book contains many colour and b/w photographs and is based on information from "The Open-Air Ethnographic Museum of Latvia", outside of Riga, founded in 1924.
Richards is 5 feet, 11 inches tall.
Shoulders: 20"
Waist: 40 1/2"
Sleeve length: 25"
Inseam: 30"
Neck: 16"
Spine to bottom of jacket: 35"
NINE ""CIKAGAS PIECISI"" LPs in a sturdy plastic carrying case. Offered only together.
Brand new handcrafted SVEIKS sign made by RUTA WILSON in Owen Sound from recycled metal and wood, 21"x 7", sturdy metal hanger.. Ruta makes her living by creating fascinating metal and glass art pieces. She also has exhibited multiple times at the annual Saulaine art show in the Saulaine barn.
Sign is donated by the artist to the 70th anniversary Silent Auction.
Ornate 100% wool shawl with Latvian national ornaments, 35 "x 60", as new
Abstract impressionist painter VISVALDIS REINHOLDS 37 inches x 24 1/2 inches, barn board frame, acrylic, signed
Painter JANIS ZUNTAKS, acrylic, 30"x 23", signed
Exclusive, brand new DOMINO set, 28 pieces, cast marble with instructions and storage sack
18 pairs mens and womens thermal socks . 10 pairs mens (brand DICKIE), 8 pairs womens (brand POLAR PAWS) , assorted colours in practical plastic basket
Unique hand carved soapstone candle holders, engraved designs, base 2 1/2 inches, height 5 1/2 inches
Double air bed with foot pump- great for camping or extra houseguests!
COCA COLA brand  short-sleeved  t-shirts, 50% cotton, 50% polyester, two medium sized, two large sized
ALL donated to Saulaine!, right to left:
1.) Jade ( presumed) pendant with jade beads
2.) Handmade agate pendant
3.) Whimsical sterling silver ladybug charm on sterling silver chain
4.) Sterling silver and amber pierced earrings
5.) Charm bracelet with 8 sterling silver charms
6.) Latvian horseshoe broach sterling silver for men or women- good luck symbol!
7.)14 kt gold ring, one point diamond with marquise shaped emerald, size 8
8.) Decorative pin with amber beads
9.) Sterling silver quad cross pendant, 12.4 gr.
10.) Amber necklace, 50 inches
11.) Bracelet with ball charms, sterling silver, stamped 925
12.) Sterling silver bracelet with glass charms, stamped 925
13.) Exquisite quality amber gem, large pear shaped, butterscotch colouring, 22.3 gr.
STILL MORE TO COME!  Come on out!  Let us celebrate!
Latvian-Australian artist LAIMONIS MIERINS, professionally framed, signed, print (12/16)
 World renowned DZEMMA SKULME of the SKULME artist family, Latvia, watercolour, professional framed, signed, 30" x 36"  
World renowned DZEMMA SKULME of the SKULME artist family, acrylic, 18" x 24"
Well-known artist from Latvia, JANIS BREKTE, old Riga scene, signed,, watercolour 10"x 14""



Well- known artist from Latvia, JANIS BREKTE,  26" x 36",watercolour, professionally framed, signed and dated



Intricate, highly ornate  wooden wall plate, inlaid, presumed "Talavas tauretajs" depicted on horseback, 18 "diameter, artist not known



Esteemed Toronto potter VELGA JANSONS, vase, 1975, signed, 

8 ""  base, 16" height



Brand new with tag, wool blanket from "Maksla" in Latvia, measurements 60"x 80""



Toronto potter ZIGFRIDS JURSEVSKIS vase,  signed, 4" base, 10" height



Unknown potter, Latvian teapot with cover, 10 " high



Ceramic bowl by potter ZILGME, 12 "diameter



Two handmade ceramic whistles from Latvia



Artist ANSIS BERZINS, etching, signed, frequent illustrator in Latvian books, magazines and newspaper articles, traditional Latvian country-side scene, 18"x 24"



Popular US trio TRIS NO PARDAUGAVAS from the 70s and 80s, 6 LPs, handy plastic carrying case



Uniquely  shaped vase by potter TREIMANE, from Val-David village in the Laurentian Mountains, Quebec.



Barska brand binoculars-- great for beginners!



Framed wall decoration, made from polished amber pieces, wooden frame, 8 inches by 13 inches, from the Baltic, dated 1991



Intricate wooden inlay wall hanging, folk dancers, 13 ", artist unknown



Two Made in Latvia, LATMODE shirts, medium size, washable, linen blend, intricate embroidery on collar, chest and cuffs, authentic Mother of Pearl buttons

Thank you for your ongoing support of all things SAULAINE! More excitement to follow! Stay tuned!